Prayer is a wonderful gift that the Lord has blessed us with to be able cast our burden on Him and praise Him. Prayer is also a way for us to intercede on behalf of each other. As we share our prayer concerns and pray for others, please be mindful of how we use this precious gift of prayer. Thank you for trusting us with your concerns and praises. It is an honor to partner with you and your family as we pray together.

Take Time To Pray with us.

We are incredibly blessed to have people in our church family who feel the call to serve on our prayer team, who understand the importance of trusting the Lord in the sorrows and the joys of our lives. Please understand that you don't have to be part of a select group to be able to pray and we invite you to pray with us. As you see the prayers and praises listed below, please take a moment to lay them at the feet of Jesus, who sustains us and comforts us.


I am having hip replacement surgery Wednesday 7/22/2020. Please pray that all goes well. Thank You so much, Donna


Elsie Herring 's daughter posted this update on Face book If anyone wants to send Mom get well a card, send it to: Elsie Herring Granbury Villa Rehab and Nursing 2124 Paluxy Hwy Granbury, TX 76048 Write BIG as she has macular degeneration. She has a big fight to fight against COVID-19 being in the highest of the highest risk categories, having tested positive, and already having a cough and big headache. With God’s will and power she can do it. She needs prayers and encouragement though. Thank you!


Please pray for Elsie Herring. She is in a nursing home in Granbury. A nurse there was diagnosed with Covid and now Elsie and her roommate have been diagnosed with Covid. Please pray for these ladies and the nurses and staff at this nursing home.


Please keep my mom Pat in your prayers as she is sick at home with COVID. Prayers for my dad to stay strong and well in quarantine.


Update and Praise. My daughter in law Amanda made it through her surgery. The large tumor they saw on the scan was not a tumor but a mesh patch that had been used to repair a hernia about 13 years ago. It had come loose and wound itself up. The surgery took longer than expected because they had to work that patch loose from where it had attached itself. There were 2 small tumors but they did not appear to be cancerous. Because of the patch they were not able to take the cervix. But she did well and is at home recuperating. Thank you for your continued prayers for her recovery and Praise God!. He is good all the time!