Parent Follow up

WORSHIP: Week 05

(April 11)

Dear Parents,

When our students think worship, more than likely they think of music. While worshiping God through music is a powerful way to praise Him, this is not the only way to think about worship. Not by far. But your teenager is about to learn exactly what worship is and how many different ways it can take form.


We’re about to start a three-lesson Bible study series on worship. This series will help our students understand that worship is the right response that results from encountering God; that seeing Jesus for who He is and responding to Him in worship is vital; and that responding to God looks a lot of different ways, each of them a vital way of interacting in relationship with Him.


Here are some things you can already begin to do to prepare to engage your teenager about Worship:


  • Pray for your teenager each day, as well as his or her peers.
  • Begin to pay attention to places in Scripture where you see various ways of worshiping God described.
  • Keep an eye out for my follow-up letters from me to better engage your teenager in conversations about what he or she is learning.


Thank you for letting me and others who want to serve your teenager have the chance to do so each week!


God bless you!

Caleb Crouch

FBCMWTX Student Pastor

940-325-2523 (office)

918-978-7531 (mobile)