Parent Follow up

Discovering The Thread of the Gospel Through The Big-Picture Story of the Bible

Week 38 (Feb 19, 2024)

Dear Parents,

Hello! We are in week 38 of “The Thread.” Thank you for your continued involvement with your student through the weeks. This week’s lesson was entitled “The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus.” I believe your teenager’s perspective was deepened as they saw the endurance Jesus had to remain obedient during extraordinary circumstances.   

The lesson’s purpose was to get students thinking about what Jesus endured for them—and what they are willing to endure for Him. Emphasis was placed on how Jesus joyfully endured unto death so that we could have life.    

We looked at the following Scripture passages: 

  • Matthew 27:32-66 

  • John 19:31-42 

  • Hebrews 12:1-2 

As you read these scriptures, imagine the suffering Jesus endured for all humankind. Then, take it one step farther by imagining the suffering you may have to endure for truly living as a Christ follower in every area of your life. 

Next Steps . . .  

During the week, set aside a few moments to discuss these questions with your teenager: 

  • So, Jesus willingly allowed Himself to be put to death for the sins of every human being. How should this affect how we live our lives? 

  • What are the most difficult places for you to follow Christ’s obedient example? (You have places that are harder to be outspoken in word and deed about Jesus, too. Share one with your teenager.) 

  • How can I help you stay strong in honoring Jesus’ sacrifice? 

I hope this resource is a useful tool for you and your student. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me.  

Caleb Crouch

FBCMWTX Student Pastor

940-325-2523 (office)

918-978-7531 (mobile)