Family Mission Trip

September 1-3, 2023

San Antonio, Texas

Church-Wide Family Mission Trip to San Antonio.

Pastor David Rodriguez, of The People’s House in San Antonio has invited us, along with the CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) of San Antonio, to join The People’s House in sharing the good news of the gospel to people of their community through primarily a huge block party scheduled for Saturday, September 2nd. This block party will be held in a park near the People's House and in the vicinity of San Antonio’s 2nd largest public housing complex, Cassiano Homes Apartments.

Dates: Friday to Sunday, September 1-3, 2023.

Lodging: At a nearby church. You will need to bring air mattresses. (Hotel rooms are available for an additional cost).

Cost:  $75 a person or $200 per family.

This will be a trip for the whole family, however, please note that children will need to be accompanied by an adult and should understand this is a mission trip in an area that requires awareness and following presented guidelines.

According to Pastor David, this area we will be serving in is rough, but because we will be working with them and because we will be serving the community in Jesus’ name, the people will treat us as guests and will welcome us well.

Click Here to let us know you are interested in possibly attending and would like more information about the trip when it becomes available