Sunday morning adult bible study classes

We have a wide variety of Adult Bible Study Classes available on Sunday mornings. Classes are from 9:00am-10:00am and cover a variety of topics for people from all ages, in all stages of your walk with Christ. Please feel free to try one or multiple classes to find the class that is the best fit for you! If you are unsure of where to find a specific class, please visit our Welcome Center on Sunday mornings and someone will be more than happy to point you in the right direction! 

Available Classes

College & Young Adult: Ages: 18-30  Gender: Both  Room: 113

This is a class for young adults who are transitioning out of High School/College and into College and Careers. They meet on Sunday mornings in room 113 and also have quarterly fellowship opportunities outside of church.

Junction: Ages: 35-45  Gender: Both  Room: 120

This is a discussion class for parents of younger/pre-teenage children.

The Branch (Gym Class): Ages: Career-Retirement  Gender: Both  Room: Gym

This class is a mixture of people in all walks of life and all levels of faith pursuing the Word of God through tropical studies.

Journeys: Ages: Career  Gender: Female  Room: Activities Room

This class follows a Bible Study format geared towards women. This class is a close knit group of women who support each other and enjoy welcoming new women into their group.

Kiplinger: Ages: Career  Gender: Male  Room:  Rm 114

This class is designed to enlighten men about God's intentions for their lives. They strive to equip men to be Christian leaders and servants.

Opportunities of the Spirit: Ages: None  Gender: Both  Room: 119

Those attending this class are a loving, caring group that is excited to welcome new members into it. They have a discussion based class that is drawn from Christian books.

Discovery: Ages: 50+  Gender: Both  Room: 115

This is a mission minded class, concerned with giving to others and their love of the Bible. Their class is based on active discussion based on Biblical teaching and principles.

Elaine: Ages: 50+  Gender: Female  Room: 120

This class is a close knit group  who joyfully welcomes new members into it. They study a variety of topics and commit to spending time each week praying for and caring for each other.

Adult 3 Co-Ed: Ages: 50+  Gender: Both  Room: 117

This is a lecture style class with a rotation of teachers each covering a weekly lesson from the current study. This class also focuses on friendship and fellowship outside of the classroom.

Achievers: Ages: 60+  Gender: Both  Room: Parlor

This is a fun bunch of individuals who have a deep heart for the Lord and are serious about prayer. They go through a variety of topical lessons each year.

Lois: Ages: 70+  Gender: Women  Room: 118

The ladies in the Lois class are a group of ladies who enjoy a conversational Bible study on Sunday mornings, and enjoy visiting and caring about each other outside of class.

Friendship: Ages: 80+  Gender: Women  Room: 116

The Friendship class is a class for ladies who enjoy supporting missionaries. This class enjoys helping at and through the church and giving to missionaries in all facets (local, state, national and international).