SMAK and Smak Jr. 2019

Kids, get out your Bibles, spy gear and investigative spirit and join us for a week of uncovering the mystery of being "Born Again" along with the agents of the Jerusalem Intelligence Service 3.

Ages: Completed Pre-K through

Completed 6th grade

SMAK Jr. 2019

June 17-21, 2019


**Lunch is not provided**

AGES: Completed Pre-K &

Completed Kindergarten

put on your secret decoder ring and join us at the smak Jr. spy academy as we train to become special agents for the Lord! we'll have tons of fun as we search for clues in games, art, stories, and songs to solve the big mystery: what does it mean to be born again?

Online Registration is closed,

Register in person Monday, June 17 at 8:45am

smAK 2019

June 17-21, 2019


**Lunch is provided daily**

Ages: Completed 1st Grade through

Completed 6th grade

Final Performance: Friday June 21, 7:00pm

Cast Audition Dates: May 22 &  29, 5:00-6:00pm.

Deep in the recesses of a hidden location, in the headquarters of the Jerusalem intelligence service 3 (ji3) - a spy organization so top secret that no bible scholar has ever known they existed - the operatives are hard at work on one of their most puzzling investigations ever. surveillance detected a clandestine meeting between a top official - the pharisee nicodemus - and the much talked about teacher and miracle-worker, Jesus of Nazareth. the content of the meeting? a cryptic message about being "born again" (who can do that?!?), and mysterious promises of "eternal life"!

come join ji3 as they work to uncover the truth about this mysterious "eternal life" and how they can be "born again".

Online registration is closed, register in person Monday, June 17 at 8:45am.